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Q: What is eCityExpress:

A: eCityExpress is an online service offered by Edmond Utility Customer Services. It is a fast, convenient and time-saving tool to manage your Edmond utility accounts. eCityExpress is an easy, smart way for you to securely receive, manage, and pay your Edmond utility statements online. No more stamps or envelopes and it is free!


Q: How easy is eCityExpress to use?

A: No more hassles with paperwork, postage, or different payment methods for different statements. Receive notification by email when your new statement(s) is(are) ready to view online.


Q What are the benefits of using eCityExpress?

A: All of Your Edmond Utility Statements in one place. You only need to visit one site to view and to pay your Edmond utility statement, including Edmond Electric, water, solid waste, wastewater, and drainage. eCityExpress also offers flexibility. You can choose which statement to pay, how much to pay, and when to pay it. Pay with any bank account  or credit card. Select same-day or future payment delivery, and you'll receive a confirmation number for each submitted payment.


Q: Is my personal information secure when using eCityExpress?

A: When using eCityExpress your personal information remains confidential and secure.


Q: Can I log on at any time?

A: You can pay your statements any time, from anywhere, as long as you have Internet access. View pending payments, statement history or get a quick snapshot of your statement payment activity. If you have questions, just ask.


Q: How do I sign up?

A:  Signing up for eCity express is fast and user friendly! Just have your Customer and Account numbers ready from your most recent utility statement (December 2014 or later), then  select your logon name and password.  Once this initial process is completed a confirmation email will be sent to activate your new eCity account and you are done.


Q: Once logged in, how do I pay my statement?

A:  Paying your statement is fast and secure. You have the option of selecting an automatic reoccurring payment plan or you can manually select your payment each month.  Payments can be made with a variety of credit cards or a checking account all for free! 


Q: Who do I contact if I need additional assistance with eCityExpress?

A:  Help is just an email away. Questions can be sent to or you can contact us by phone 405-359-4541.